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Spice It Up!
Ladies, y'all know what I'm talking about.
Spicing it up!
Add a little flava to the way you feel
and look! And do it in a way that makes you feel
like that sexy person you are.
Here's a few things I've added to my 2006 attitude about me:
  • Black matches everything. It's true.
    But just because black is that favorite color or colorless,
    doesn't mean that all the things we wear has to be dark.
    Add some color. Remember color defines and accents.
    Essence magazine says that the color for 2006 is purple.
    (A purple shirt. Huh! That might work)
    Purple is nice.
    How about a yellow. A very bedazzling and beautiful color
    to match those black pants.
    Accentuate that beautiful skin tone you possess.

  • Show some attitude and add some capris to your wardrobe.
    Since we talked about color earlier,
    what do you think about pink capris
    over some high funky stiletto boots.
    High boots with a belt buckle type visual sexiness.
    Cool for a Saturday night, first date or maybe even
    meeting that perfect one to set that first date with.

  • A little make-up is not bad to wear sometimes.
    Make-up's purpose is to enhance
    that beauty that we as woman, already have.
    Especially if you see what other people see when
    you look in the mirror. Try a little eye make-up.
    Try a purple eye liner with some purple/gray duo eye powder
    and add a little waterproof mascara to compliment
    that new purple shirt. Just the eye make-up alone with some lip gloss
    on your lips might get the attention of that
    cute guy you've been dying to talk to.

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