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Eliminate Unnecessary Stress

I know, life can sometimes bring you down and the that's when everything seems to not be going your way. It happens to me too, and that's when I feel like crying because of thoughts of failure and frustration. You can change that!

Just think about it. Things could be a lot worst. No matter what the problem may be, you should acknowledge what problems you don't have. Remember, life is not guaranteed. It is a privilege and a blessing that we are still here and have the ability to try and cope with our daily life.

Lean not on your own understanding!: Let God into your heart. Get on your knees and pray. Believe me, I know that at times the last thing you want to do is pray because your faith starts to slip. Do you know that we have won the victory just by waking up in the morning. Let Jesus fight your battle. Call out his name because he will listen. And don't stress over what could have been or what you could have done different because then it is just going to make you feel worst. Put your faith into God's hands and let Jesus walk the walk and fight the fight. He can and will make a difference.

Pamper Yourself!: No use staying in depression and deciding you are not good enough to even enjoy the life that you have been so blessed to have. Get up from under the covers and let sleep, drinking and/or doing drugs be the last thing you think about as a solution because once you awaken and sober up, the problem still exists. How about taking a walk and enjoying the blessings of Mother Nature. Isn't it a blessing that you have the ability to see the beauty which God has made. Why not walk into a nail salon and get a manicure and pedicure. Self-manicures and pedicures are not bad either. Don't let anyone make you think that just because you can't do what they do, you are any less of a person than they are because they have not been made judges in this world. Hey, a soothing bubble bath with some epsom salt. Relaxation, rest and self-reflection can change the mood drastically. Don't dwell, soak.

Keep the Faith!: Everybody holds onto an objective in which they feel holds importance. Be patient because everything has it's time and season and just because your day has not yet arrived doesn't mean that it isn't coming. Do yourself a favor and keep believeing because tomorrow is another day. Hold your head up high and walk with pride. And make sure to not give into failing to believe or thoughts that other people may have to try to put you down because faith is the key to unlock doors remembering that no matter what, you have what it takes. Believe in yourself.

Today and Tomorrow, not Yesterday!: I understand, you want to keep bringing up the past and thinking about who was there or what you had that may not be present any more. I do it and it hurts my feelings for no reason because who or what isn't in my life, may not be there and even though those memories remain in my heart, time continuously moves. You have so much to be happy about in your present and future. Life goes on and you must believe that and keep on moving day by day. Remember tomorrow is not guaranteed because with life, there is death. I urge you to look in the mirror at yourself and honestly answer the question, "Can people tell I am not happy if they look at me?" What happened to smiling and being happy for the today that you are living. Don't let today pass you by. Live!

Pray!: Falling short of so many things can put you into the position of not wanting to include anything that has to do with God into your life. Is that the solution? Are you happy? Be not afraid of what God has in store for you. Prayer does help because it has helped me when I thought the only thing I had left to be greatful for was that death might soon come. Honor him, for he gave you life. Give 10% of yourself to him a day which would only be 24 minutes. You might be thinking, that is too long. I don't own time like that. How about praying for 5 minutes in the morning, praying for 5 at night and then for 15 minutes during your day, read a bible scripture and listen to Gospel music. Letting Jesus into my life has made me a better person and a happier person. And remember love yourself. Nobody is going to love someone who has no care for themself. Believe in who you are, trust in your destiny and love the heart that you hold. You deserve the joy of salvation and it is up to you to walk with a smile that radiates the sun and blesses others. Staying depressed is not only sad, it is unhealthy and could cause numerous illnesses like strokes, heart attacks, heart pain, etc. Never fall short of the goodness and beauty God has made you to be.

Written and Copywritten by Stephanie Jeannot"


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