Sensual Chocolate by Yvette Jones



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Nubian Brother

Was it
The softness of his lips on my breast,
Or was it the finger tips he left
All over the inside of my soul?

I wonder what he has in store for me
To play these guessing games.

A shadow on the wall,
A silhouette of his body
Or a fantasy, in my imagination

Scream my name out loud
Scream my name until blood develops in your throat

Make me feel the real you, my man

I thirst for his water mirage

(c) Yvette Jones, 2004

Alphabet Me Body

Claudia deserved that particular love potion
To satisfy every inch of her alphabetic body

Arousing Aroma
Breasts Banging
Clitoris Climaxing
Dangling D**k
Estrogen Exploding
Finger popping Fantasy
Grasping Gristo
Handling Hope to extract Honey
Intrigued Imagery of his Intesnsified Injection
Joyfully Jerking Juice
Kicking Kitty Kissing the Key
Locking Lips and Lots of Learning
Masturbation of his Manhood
Naughty but Nice

Orgasms that'll have me saying Oh! Oh!
Please, Please Push
Quietness Quiet
Racing Rompness
Satisfying Sex
Tasteful Touches
Utopia of the Uterus' Unwinding Union
Voluptuous Vulva Wet and Wild
X-Rated, X-Rated
Yelling Your Yearnings in a Youthful Yes
Zoom, Zoom in the Zesty Room

(c) Yvette Jones, 2004