Ahead of Time

Spoken word that's a thousand times the speed it should be
A heart unraveled with twists of what's really going on with me
The greatest speech I ever lived to regret was what I said
It lingers on because it backfired like a ricochet instead

And now my eyes seem like a sky releasing rain afree
I'm that discouraged learn from your mistakes without my baby
If you try to prove a point of relations just for your benefit
You might cause the party who's already leaning out the door to exit

And now I miss him and he doesn't hear my thoughts and I won't speak it
I've done it once before you see, and no one ever believes it
To care to be to do what's meant 20 years ahead of time
Is like a baby trying to walk before crawling and talk before his at-birth cry

Maybe I'll never wear the stilts that love has picked out for me to fashion
I never realized my blessings until God took it and I had none
And I feel like I'm in this caccoon without the strength to fly my dreams
My seasons changed and this time I lost the spirit within me

I used to be this happy girl with flowers in my hair
I used to sail the winds of Jordan solo but in pair
And never stopped to think that he is me and I am him
And never thought to leave the past in past for present things

Who thought that it would end this way to put my heart a stray
Upon this sunken ship I stand that's no where close to bay
With one wish for time, 24 out of 168
Minus the biases, cursing and attitude just for the strengths to fate

Love is free and kind and something that I find to be quite sweet
Like a summer breeze that heavies the pleasures of sand in my bare feet
Or like the thought of you here by my side that amplifies my heart beat
My season has turned to winter and took the best part of me.
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