A. Sexy Beaded Choker Set
And Hat Set

Start the summer look with this sexy beaded choker set. A classic look that goes great with a summer dress or to just kick back. Actual color of beads are off-white and brown. Includes choker, bracelet, ring and earrings.

Colors can be made to fit your favorite look and/or style

B. Flight of the Bumblebee Set

Flight of the Bumblebee beads placed on a solid clear and unnoticable string to make your choker wearing easy and fun. Matching earrings add a taste of perfection to your summer gear. This is a nice set to wear with a casual outfit like shorts or skirt. Here's a gift idea for you. Start your summer off with the right jewelery set from Hand-made.

C. Golden Brown Choker - Wood and ceramic with a touch of the beach shells to compliment the sexiest of sexy summer attire. Great gift idea for brides-to-be to give to their brides maids.

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