Musical Director Michael Collins came up with the decision
that he wanted to expand on his love of music
and brought togehter the group that would soon later be called

Organic Band

Organic Band is a family of musicians who love the art of music.
The members of the band include
  • Arielle Adamy on vocals
  • Martin King on drums
  • Michael Collins on keys and vocals
  • Ozzie Jones Jr on bass
  • Phillip Smith on guitar
  • Shawn Broughton on vocals
  • Stephanie Jeannot on vocals
Individually, the members are powerhouses
but when they come together, they are unstoppable.
You can tell by the way that they play.
There is love embedded in the musical experience
they share with the world.

Together, they perform at clubs,
private affairs and at corporate gigs and weddings.
Some of the noted places they have performed are
Russo's on the Bay, Freeport Yacht Club,
and Premo's Perfection just to name a few. When you hear them,
you will hear a variety of music which includes
Funk, R&B., Classic Soul,
Dance music, Pop, Gospel, Motown and top 40 hits.

When you see them, you will see
a panel of smiles shining on their faces.
They not only love to play, but they love
to have a good time doing it
and it adds to the professional quality. They are
ready to rock the house no matter where they go;
and when they do, they
bring with them a superior sense of class and presence.